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Приглашение на конференцию в Вашингтон
Перспективное сотрудничество с Клиническим Центром Кливленда (Cleveland Clinic's Center)

Dear Dr. Baitinger,

For the last several months RAMA was working with the Cleveland Clinic on development of the RAMA-CCF Observership Program. We met with Aura Lopez from the Cleveland Clinic's Center for International Medical Education today and talked about an exchange program for Russian doctors here in Cleveland. We plan to bring first 4 doctors from Russia for 1 month observership in the fall of 2010. I hope you will be interested.

We plan to get it ready by October. In addition, we hope that people who will come will also participate in the 7th RAMA National Conference in Washington, DC on October 21-24. Three needed documents are attached.


Thank you.


Boris Vinogradsky, MD, FACS